Latest Jazz Facebook Packages – Free, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

You can utilize Facebook if you don't have any balance.

Jazz is unique in Pakistan’s telecom market because of its wide range of internet packages that are designed to meet the demands of Facebook users in that nation. These varied bundles, which are offered daily, weekly, and monthly, guarantee continuous access for users who browse and interact with the site. Jazz internet packages allow customers to browse Facebook, communicate with friends, download material, and participate in a variety of online activities without worrying about data limits thanks to their inexpensive price and customised data allowances. Jazz internet packages are the best option for anyone looking for dependable and reasonably priced connectivity for their Facebook usage in Pakistan because of its easy access and simplicity.

Jazz Facebook Packages 2024

This is the list of those Facebook Packages that are described here with price, validity, incentives, MBs + Minutes for daily, monthly, and weekly.

Jazz facebook packages 2024

List of FB (Facebook) packages:

  1. Jazz Free Facebook Mode
  2. Jazz Daily Facebook Packages
  3. Jazz Weekly Facebook packages
  4. Jazz Monthly Facebook Package

Jazz Facebook Packages Daily Weekly Monthly

You can get detailed information about all FB, and WhatsApp online packages. You can get information about all social packages for 1 day, 3 days, and weekly from here. Can activate many bundles for prepaid users.

Jazz Free Facebook Mode

You can utilize Facebook if you don’t have any balances; there’s nothing to do but you can do it on your own with ease.

Facebook is available for free from Jazz. This is Jazz’s greatest bundle. It is simple to turn on. To do this, either launch your Facebook app and start using it, or visit the Facebook website to use Facebook for nothing.

Package NameDetails
Jazz Free Facebook Packageopen Facebook and use It
PriceFree (0)
Jazz Free Facebook

Jazz Daily Facebook Packages

By activating the Jazz One Day Facebook Package, you can use Facebook. This package is better and less expensive, so feel free to use it. Jazz will provide you with 500 MB of social media data if you activate this bundle. You can use WhatsApp and Facebook in this. For this plan to be activated, you must have a balance of Rs. 8.

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How to Active Jazz Daily Facebook and WhatsApp Package

It just takes one code to activate this package, and all the specifics are given below.

  • Dial *455# on your mobile device to receive a daily bundle of Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • This social bundle may only be activated with an amount of Rs. 8.
  • This bundle is only valid for one day’s use.
Jazz Daily Social Package NameDetails
PriceRs. 8+ tax
Free Facebook and Whatsapp MB500MB
Package Subscribe Code*455# or *114#
Validity1 Day
jazz facebbok packages daily

Terms & Conditions:

  • This bundle is only available for usage for a day. You may then reactivate this package after that.
  • You can call *455# or *114# to revive the package once it has been disabled.
  • This bundle is compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  • Each time you check the amount of MB left, you will be charged 0.06.
  • Please use any package only when it has been activated. If you use it without the internet, you will be charged the basic cost. Thus, five rupees will be worth one MB.
jazz facebook package monthly

Jazz Weekly Facebook packages

Your weekly Jazz internet bundle comes with 5GB. You have access to IMO and Facebook. You must have Rs. 70 in balance in order to activate this bundle.

How to subscribe to Jazz  Weekly Facebook Package

To activate the Jazz Weekly Facebook and IMO package, there are a few actions you need to take.

  • Enter *660# on the mobile dial pad to activate this promotion.
  • For this offer to be activated, you must have a balance of Rs. 150.
  • You may take advantage of this promotion all week long.
  • To check the remaining MB of this deal, use code *660*2#.
Jazz Facebook Weekly PackageDetails
Facebook+IMO Package5GB
Package Subscribe Code*660#
Validity7 Days
jazz facebook packages weekly

Jazz Weekly Whatsapp+Facebook+SMS Package

This is the greatest jazz bundle that allows us to utilize Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS. All the information is provided in the boxes below, and you receive all three of these deals in one bundle.

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Jazz Weekly Whatsapp+Facebook+SMS PackageDetails
Price18 Rs
Internet Data & SMS25 MB & 1500 SMS
Package Subscribe Code*101*1*07#
Validity7 Days

Jazz Monthly Facebook Packages

Jazz Monthly Facebook+Whatsapp+SMS Package

Use the monthly Jazz Facebook WhatsApp deal to receive internet data for Facebook WhatsApp for a month. The monthly Jazz deal gives you access to 7000 MB. You can only use these MB to operate Facebook and WhatsApp. You are also not allowed to utilize any online activity. The information you have in this bundle is listed below.

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Jazz Monthly Facebook+Whatsapp+SMSDetails
Internet Data & SMS7 GB & 12000 SMS
Package Subscribe Code*661#
Validity30 Days
jazz facebook packages monthly

Terms and Conditions

This Jazz Facebook package has several terms and conditions which are mentioned below.

  • You may use Facebook for free in Jazz. However, you must utilize Facebook’s free version for that.
  • It will cost you 1/MB if you use Facebook without downloading the program.
  • With this bundle, you may utilize internet data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO.
  • This package’s data is usable in 2G, 3G, and 4G network locations.
  • For the remaining Jazz package information, you will be charged 0.06PKR.
  • Your SIM and service availability may be the cause of your poor internet speed. You only receive the fastest speed if you have 4G service; if you have 3G service, it’s definitely slower.
  • You must activate a plan in order to access Facebook; else, you will be charged a costly Rs 3.6 per MB.


I’ve provided you with comprehensive information on Jazz Facebook bundles in this post. You may utilize the Jazz Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Facebook Packages. You may use the activation code provided above to see all of the activation data for these programs. You can send me an SMS if you have any trouble activating the package.

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