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Zong Night internet packages with complete details

Are you someone who stays up late, always on the lookout for the perfect Zong night internet packages? Or perhaps you’re in need of a fantastic deal on massive data bundles specifically tailored for late-night browsing? Whether you’re burning the midnight oil working or simply indulging in some late-night entertainment, your search ends here.

Many individuals find themselves tied up with work during the day and miss out on internet usage. Once they’re free, they crave a reliable night internet connection to stay in touch with loved ones or catch up on YouTube and Facebook videos.

Zong Night Internet Package

Luckily, Zong offers a variety of Zong night internet packages to cater to these needs. Let’s delve into the details of Zong’s 12 AM to 12 PM Internet Packages and explore the comprehensive Zong Late Night Offer.

Zong Night Internet Packages Details

Today, we’re excited to bring you all the latest details about Zong night internet packages currently on offer. Presently, there are four distinct bundles up for grabs. Among them, you’ll find a daily option, a weekly plan, and two monthly packages, all designed to cater to your nighttime browsing needs. These are also known as Zong good night offers. Let’s dive in and explore what each of them has in store!

Zong Daily Night Internet Package

Have you heard about the Zong youth promotion known as the Good Night offer? Subscribing to this fantastic deal gets you 2.5 GB of internet data from 1 am to 9 am, all for just Rs. 22.50 for a single day. It’s the perfect way to make the most of your late-night browsing without breaking the bank!

Package NameZong GNO
Internet2.5 GB
Timing1 AM to 9 AM
PriceRs. 25
Validity1 Day
CodeSend “GNO” to 6464
Zong Internet Package Daily

Zong Night Internet Package Weekly

Zong has rolled out an amazing weekly night internet package, offering a whopping 100 GB of internet data for 7 days straight. Specifically designed for nighttime browsing, this package is valid from 1 AM to 9 AM and comes at a steal for just Rs. 200.

It’s the ultimate Zong Night Offer you’ve been waiting for! Just a heads-up: this offer will auto-renew if you have sufficient balance in your account, so don’t forget to unsubscribe when you’re done enjoying it.

Package NameZong Mega Data offer
Internet100 GB
Timing1 AM to 9 AM
PriceRs. 200
Validity7 Days
Zong Internet Package Weekly

Zong Night Internet Packages Monthly

Currently, there are two fantastic Zong monthly night internet packages up for grabs. One offers a generous 20 GB of data, while the other doubles the deal with 40 GB. With this flexibility, you can easily select the one that perfectly suits your browsing needs and fits within your budget.

With the first Zong night internet package, you’ll get a generous 20 GB of internet data, with 10 GB allocated for usage between 1 am to 9 am. This fantastic bundle comes at a price of around 700 Rs. and allows you to enjoy the offer for an entire month. It’s the perfect way to stay connected during those late-night hours without worrying about running out of data!

Package NameZong Monthly Premium 20 GB
Internet20 GB (10 GB all day)
Timing1 AM to 9 AM
PriceRs. 700
Validity30 Days
Zong Internet Package Monthly

The second Zong monthly night internet package brings you a whopping 40 GB of data for just 1000 Rs. This generous offer lasts for one whole month. Plus, with this package, you’ll enjoy 20 GB of data specifically earmarked for usage between 1 am and 9 am. It’s the perfect way to stay connected during those late-night hours while also enjoying ample data for all your browsing needs throughout the month.

Package NameZong Monthly Premium 40 GB
Internet40 GB (20 GB all day)
Timing1 AM to 9 AM
PriceRs. 1000
Validity30 Days
Zong Internet Package Monthly


Here’s the lowdown on your quest for the ultimate Zong night internet package. While all the bundles have their perks, the Zong weekly mega data offer stands out as the top choice, offering the best bang for your buck. However, if you’re after round-the-clock data alongside your night browsing, then the monthly offers are the way to go.

So why wait? Activate now and bid farewell to those nighttime data limitations. With ample data at your disposal, you’ll have plenty for streaming videos, browsing reels, endless scrolling, and whatever else you fancy.

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