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The Internet is now crucial to our daily functioning. Among the various things you do online include talking with friends and family, downloading, and streaming media, and playing games. Jazz internet packages make life easier and bring you exciting net packages.

Jazz Internet has many net packages to choose from since they are familiar with customer demands. There are daily, weekly, and monthly Jazz Internet Packages available. All of Jazz’s Internet packages are listed here. Therefore, you may use these jazz internet bundles for your regular internet and social media needs.

All jazz internet packages of  2023
Jazz Internet Packages in 2023

Prepaid and postpaid jazz subscribers may choose from the same suite of internet service plans. Additionally, Jazz Social internet packages are on hand. Jazz makes it possible for everybody to enjoy the internet by providing affordable internet packages.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

The “Jazz Daily Internet Package” is the most basic plan in the jazz Internet lineup. You may select internet package choices that will meet your everyday needs down below. There are varying amounts of talk time, data, and text messages included in each of these plans. Daily plans are a good option for casual internet users who don’t need to be constantly connected to the web for work or school. When users subscribe to jazz monthly internet subscriptions, they have access to perks including free phone minutes and SMS as well as the social bundle. 

The intended members of a community are the exclusive focus of certain package deals, such as the jazz Sindh Package, jazz Punjab Package, or any other area-specific package. These deals are useful for occasional customers who are looking for a little something more. Extras are included in premium plans to entice customers.

Package NamePriceSubscription CodeOffer Include
Jazz Daily SuperRs. 17*212#150 MBs + 1440 Jazz Minutes + 50 SMS
Jazz Daily Day BundleRs. 14*340#20 MBs + 300 Jazz Minutes + 300 SMS
Jazz Daily YouTube & SocialRs. 15*968#​1 GB (YouTube, WhatsApp & Facebook)
Jazz Daily MegaRs. 27*117*4#1 GB
Jazz Daily ExtremeRs. 15*757#2 GB (12am-12pm)
Jazz Daily WhatsApp OfferRs. 2*311#200 MBs
Jazz Daily WhatsApp & SMSRs. 8*334#10 MBs WhatsApp + 1800 SMS
Jazz Apna Shehar PackageRs. 12*229#100 MBs + 1000 On-Net Minutes + 1500 SMS
Jazz Sindh Super Data OfferRs. 15*773#5 GB + 1500 SMS
Karachi Daily Hybrid PackageRs. 17*400#250 MBs + 10000 On-Net Minutes + 1500 SMS
KPK Daily OfferRs. 17*291#250 MBs + 1500 SMS + 1000 On-Net Minutes
Jazz Sindh PackageRs. 17*773#250 MBs + 1500 SMS + 1000 On-Net Minutes
Jazz Daily BrowserRs. 20*117*11#50 MBs
Jazz daily internet packages

Jazz Internet Packages Weekly:

Jazz’s cheap package options provide you unrestricted access to the internet’s worth of data. No more worrying about your MBs running out while serving up web pages. Jazz consumers are encouraged to maintain their connections via a variety of enticing promotions. Only 4G customers are eligible for this special promotion. Visit a local customer service location to obtain a jazz 4G SIM card and use jazz weekly Internet Packages’ lightning-fast speeds. Jazz provides its users with 300 MBS of data to use for a week. This bundle may be yours for just 50 rupees. Jazz has the right to modify the bundle pricing at any moment. Jazz Browse Offer may be accessed by dialing *117*3#. Jazz now provides both 3G and 4G speeds. Jazz weekly internet packages are listed below with subscription codes.

Package NamePriceSubscription CodeOffer Include
Jazz Weekly BrowserRs. 55*117*3#300 MBs
Jazz Weekly StreamerRs. 80*117*7#700 MBs
Jazz Weekly PremiumRs. 110*117*47#1500 MBs
Jazz Weekly Mega BundleRs. 160*159#3000 MBs
Jazz YouTube & SocialRs. 88.7*660#​5 GB Data for Imo, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook
Jazz Weekly Mega PlusRs. 240*453#20000 MBs (10000 For 2am-2pm) + Jazz Tv
Jazz Weekly SMS + WhatsApp PackageRs. 130*101*1*07#25 MBs + 1500 SMS
Jazz Weekly Extreme OfferRs. 130*117*1#50 GB
Jazz Sindh Rabta OfferRs. 104*766#1 GB + 1000 On-Net Minutes + 25 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Super Sim OfferRs. 78*476#6 GB + 600 SMS + 600 On-Net Minutes
Jazz Punjab Haftawar OfferRs. 173*307#10 GB + 1000 SMS + 100 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Weekly Social PlusRs. 215*668#8 GB + 500 SMS + 25 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Weekly Super PlusRs. 330*505#10 GB + 5000 SMS + 5000 On-Net Minutes + 100 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Weekly HybridRs. 150*407#1 GB + 1000 SMS + 1000 On-Net Minutes + 60 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Weekly Super Duper OfferRs. 330*770#10 GB + 5000 SMS + 5000 On-Net Minutes + 100 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Weekly Super MaxRs. 369*506#30 GB + 6000 SMS + 6000 On-Net Minutes + 150 Off-Net Minutes
jazz weekly internet packages

Jazz Internet Packages Monthly:

Jazz offers a number of different monthly plans, including the Jazz Mahana Bachat offer, the Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme package, and the Jazz Monthly Browser offer. The benefits of each bundle vary to accommodate a wide range of customer needs. Below, you’ll find jazz internet package monthly options along with subscription code to more detailed descriptions. Pick one of Jazz’s Internet service plans for a month and start surfing the web in style.

Package NamePriceSubscription CodeOffer Include
Jazz Monthly BrowserRs. 433*117*77#6 GB
Jazz Monthly StreamerRs. 250*117*31#3000 MBs
Monthly Premium BundleRs. 695*117*30#25 GB + 250 Minutes
Jazz Monthly SupremeRs. 868*117*32#25 GB
Jazz Monthly ExtremeRs. 260*117*34#10000 MBs
Jazz Monthly SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs. 215*101*1*02#10 GB + 10000 SMS + 300 On-Net Minutes + 50 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Monthly SocialRs. 215*617#10 GB + 300 SMS + 300 On-Net Minutes + 50 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Infinity BrowserRs. 217*709#2 GB
Jazz Super CardRs. 868*601#2 GB + 2000 SMS + 2000 On-Net Minutes + 150 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus OfferRs. 650*117*30#15 GB
Jazz Monthly Super DuperRs. 868*706#14 GB + 3000 SMS + 3000 On-Net Minutes + 300 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Monthly Super Duper PlusRs. 1129*707#35 GB + 10000 SMS + 10000 On-Net Minutes + 500 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz Monthly Premium PlusRs. 1040*2000#20 GB + 3000 SMS + 3000 On-Net Minutes + 500 Off-Net Minutes
Jazz monthly internet packages

Jazz is offering a lot of internet packages those we listed in our post. Customers can easily pick from daily, weekly and monthly internet packages according to their needs.

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