Zong Monthly WhatsApp Plus Offer – Code & Details

Zong WhatsApp Plus Offer - Complete Details

Introducing the Zong WhatsApp Plus Offer – your ultimate solution to staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues! With this amazing offer, you get 5GB of WhatsApp usage for an entire month (30 days). Whether you’re catching up with loved ones or coordinating with colleagues, this package ensures you’re always in the loop.

Zong WhatsApp plus offer

 Best of all, it’s available for both prepaid and postpaid customers, so everyone can enjoy seamless communication, no matter their plan. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay connected with Zong!

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Plus Offer Details

Exciting news for Zong users! With the Zong WhatsApp Plus Offer, you can now enjoy uninterrupted voice and video calls on WhatsApp and IMO for an entire month. This incredible package includes 5GB of data for WhatsApp and IMO, along with 30 additional network minutes and 200 Zong minutes. To subscribe, simply dial *4000# and avail of this fantastic offer for just PKR 290, valid for 30 days. Stay connected with Zong and make the most of your communication needs!

Package NameZong WhatsApp Plus Offer
Data7 GB (WhatsApp)
On-net Minutes200
Off-net Minutes30
PriceRs. 290
Validity30 Days
Sub Code*4000#
Zong Monthly WhatsApp Plus Offer

Terms & Conditions

  • To keep track of your remaining incentives, simply dial *102# for just PKR 0.1 + tax.
  • If you happen to exceed your package usage, a nominal fee of PKR 1 + tax per MB will be charged for out-of-bundle usage after package expiry.
  • Please note that if you use the internet without a data bundle, the default rate of PKR 4 + tax per MB will apply.
  • The default charging pulse is 1 MB, so you can stay informed and in control of your usage with Zong!


Zong’s Monthly WhatsApp Plus Package is the perfect choice for anyone who depends on WhatsApp to stay connected. With this package, you get 5GB of data volume for WhatsApp and IMO, along with 200 on-net minutes, 30 off-net minutes, and 200 SMS, all valid for a full month. Say goodbye to worrying about high internet charges and stay connected hassle-free with Zong!

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