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Zong WhatsApp Packages | Code and Prices

Zong pioneered 4G technology in Pakistan, setting a benchmark for internet services across the country. While many of us enjoy browsing and streaming content on our mobile data, others prefer using social media to stay connected with loved ones. For this latter group, the company offers dedicated Zong WhatsApp Packages at affordable rates, available for a day, a week, or even a full month.

If you’re someone who frequently uses WhatsApp in Pakistan, you’ll find Zong WhatsApp Packages worth exploring. Designed to offer affordable and convenient options, these packages ensure you stay connected with your loved ones effortlessly, whether you’re on the move or at home.

Zong whatsapp packages weekly

Zong now offers a variety of WhatsApp packages catering to daily, weekly, and monthly needs, allowing people to stay connected with their loved ones easily. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Zong internet packages, bundles, and WhatsApp package codes to assist individuals in connecting with the world seamlessly.

Zong WhatsApp Packages

It’s worth noting that in Pakistan, nearly all telecom companies, including Zong, provide separate WhatsApp packages, reflecting the platform’s immense popularity among users. With Zong WhatsApp Bundles, users can access unlimited messaging, voice and video calling, and multimedia sharing directly through WhatsApp. Whether you’re looking for a daily, weekly, or monthly package, Zong offers a range of options to suit your needs.

Zong WhatsApp Package Daily

While many WhatsApp users may not need monthly or weekly packages, some may prefer to subscribe to weekend or occasional packages to stay connected with their families when they’re away from home.

For users looking for budget-friendly options or needing a quick and affordable package, Zong offers an excellent daily WhatsApp package. Here are the details to subscribe to the Zong daily WhatsApp bundle for internet users.

Package NamePriceCodeIncludeValidity
Zong WhatsApp Package DailyRs. 7*6464#30 MB WhatsApp1 Day
Zong Daily Social OfferRs. 23*386#1.5 GB (social)1 Day
2-Hour Non-Stop OfferRs. 14*3000#1 GB + unlimited on-net minutes1 Day
Zong Daily WhatsApp Packages

Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly

Hey there, fellow WhatsApp scroller! Tired of hefty monthly plans that don’t match your usage?  Zong’s Weekly WhatsApp Package is like a breath of fresh air for us budget-conscious chatters. Think of it like topping up your WhatsApp addiction in smaller doses.  No need to commit to a whole month, just grab a weekly bundle and chat away without stressing about data limits or overspending.

So, if you’re someone who loves WhatsApp but doesn’t want to break the bank, Zong’s Weekly WhatsApp Package is definitely worth checking out!

Package NamePriceCodeIncludeValidity
Zong WhatsApp Package WeeklyRs. 32*702#200 MB WhatsApp + 1300 SMS7 Days
Zong Weekly Social OfferRs. 140*6688#5 GB (social) + 20 off-net minutes + 200 on-net minutes7 Days
Gilgit Baltistan offerRs. 110*310#4 GB + 40 off-net minutes + 1000 on-net minutes7 Days
Zong Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly

Are you in search of an affordable and dependable internet connection that won’t strain your budget? Look no further than the Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly! With a range of package options available, you can easily find a plan that suits both your internet usage needs and your wallet. But that’s not all! Zong provides extensive coverage and a high-speed network, ensuring a fast and reliable internet connection from anywhere in Pakistan, all at affordable rates. Keep reading to explore the variety of Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly options.

When it comes to the Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly Price, it’s essential to note that charges may vary depending on the specific bundle offered. Additionally, we’ve provided the latest Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 2024 for each package below, as they differ. Lastly, we’ve included the code to check your remaining MBs, a crucial detail to keep track of.

Package NamePriceCodeIncludeValidity
Zong WhatsApp Package MonthlyRs. 90*247#5 GB WhatsApp30 Days
Zong monthly WhatsApp and Facebook packageRs. 130*250#6 GB WhatsApp and Facebook30 Days
Zong Monthly Social packageRs. 250*6000#12 GB social + 50 off-net minutes + 250 on-net minutes30 Days
Zong Monthly WhatsApp Plus packageRs. 180*4000#5 GB WhatsApp + 30 off-net minutes + 200 on-net minutes30 Days
Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages

In conclusion, Zong stands out as a company dedicated to providing diverse social packages tailored to its customers’ needs, including Zong WhatsApp Packages. These packages ensure unlimited access to WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, IMO, and more, catering to various communication preferences. We’ve endeavored to provide the most current and accurate information about these packages. However, if you have any questions or encounter any issues with the codes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your feedback and comments in the section below are highly appreciated.

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