Latest Telenor Internet Packages – Daily Weekly and Monthly

Telenor is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Pakistan. Telenor offers free Facebook for its users. You don’t need to subscribe to any package to get the advantage of free Facebook. Just open the application and start using it for free.  There is Telenor internet package for one day in just 1 rupee. You can use all the social platforms by subscribing to this one-day internet package.

Telenor offer different internet packages for different users. Everyone needs a package according to its usage. The company offers many weekly Telenor internet packages, monthly internet packages and for 1 day as well.

Telenor Internet Packages
Telenor Internet Packages in 2023

Telenor Internet Packages Daily

Telenor offers free Facebook for its all users. If you want to use other social media platforms, you can avail this in just 1 rupee for 1 day. Telenor offers many daily internet packages to different users. Some packages have free calling minutes in addition to data. Here comes a list of all Telenor daily internet packages with subscription codes.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Telenor Raat Din OfferRs. 18*150#1.5 GB
Telenor Good Time OfferRs. 6*345*20#250 MB + unlimited on-net minutes
Telenor Daily YouTube PackageRs. 8*60#500 MB
Telenor Daily 4G PackageRs. 15*13#250 MB
Telenor Social PackRs. 3*311#70 MB
Telenor Off-peak OfferRs. 15*10#1.5 GB
Telenor Full Day PackageRs. 13*5*250#150 MB + unlimited on-net minutes

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly

Telenor weekly internet packages are designed for those who need to connect globally throughout the week. Telenor offer minutes and SMS in some packages in addition to internet. There is a wide range of internet packages for different people to enjoy nonstop streaming and searching in a week. A list of all the weekly Telenor internet packages with subscription codes is given below.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Telenor Weekly Music BundleRs. 10*345*13#1 GB
Telenor Weekly Sports OfferRs. 30*345*74#2 GB
Telenor 4G Weekly Internet MaxRs. 55*19#30 GB (12AM to 9AM)
Telenor Weekly 6 To 6 OfferRs. 60*71#4 GB (6AM to 6PM)
Telenor Sahulat Mini OfferRs. 75*170#200 MB + 200 on-net minutes + 20 off-net minutes + 200 SMS
Telenor Weekly Zoom PackageRs. 80*345*56#5 GB
Telenor YouTube OfferRs. 86*220#5 GB
Telenor 4G Weekly Super OfferRs. 120*288#4 GB
Telenor Easycard PackageRs. 135 1.5 GB + 1000 on-net minutes + 50 off-net minutes + 1000 SMS
Telenor Weekly Internet All in OneRs. 130*345*75#1.5 GB + 1000 on-net minutes + 50 off-net minutes
Telenor 4G Weekly UltraRs. 190*336#8 GB
Telenor Djuice Weekly OfferRs. 190*345*88#3.5 GB + 150 on-net minutes
Telenor Mega Weekly OfferRs. 235*001#12 GB + 2000 on-net minutes + 85 off-net minutes + 2000 SMS
Telenor Weekly Mega Plus OfferRs. 260*003#24 GB + 5000 on-net minutes + 100 off-net minutes + 5000 SMS
Telenor Easycard ExtremeRs. 300*345*67#40 GB + 7500 on-net minutes + 200 off-net minutes + 7500 SMS

Telenor Internet Packages Monthly

Telenor keep trying to offer more at cheap rates. Telenor internet packages monthly are designed to best fit for each community. If you are making calls on internet throughout the month to your loved ones than Telenor monthly internet packages are best for you. Telenor offer enough data to fulfill your needs of internet whole the month. The Internet becomes a part of daily life, everyone wants to keep updated with the world. In such a manner, Telenor internet packages for a month are the best choices for you.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Telenor WhatsApp PackageRs. 1*247#2 GB
Telenor Tik Tok And Snapchat PackageRs. 40App2 GB
Telenor Imo PackageRs. 50*466#1.5 GB
Telenor Social PackRs. 52*911#2.5 GB
Telenor PubG OfferRs. 60*345*57#2 GB
Telenor Mahana PackageRs. 80*514#3 GB + 300 on-net minutes + 10 off-net minutes
Telenor Social Pack PlusRs. 85*660#6 GB + 10000 SMS
Telenor Social All-In-One OfferRs. 130*572#8 GB social + 250 on-net minutes + 25 off-net minutes
Telenor Mega OfferRs. 180*29#100 GB (12AM to 12PM)
Telenor 4G Super OfferRs. 350*345*169#12 GB
Telenor Starter OfferRs. 750*345*2002#15 GB
Telenor 4G Ultra OfferRs. 450*335#20 GB
Telenor Super Plus OfferRs. 575*979#30 GB + 500 on-net minutes + 100 off-net minutes
Telenor 4G Ultra PlusRs. 700*303#75 GB
Telenor Extreme OfferRs. 950*708#60 GB + 7500 on-net minutes + 600 off-net minutes

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