Latest Ufone Call Packages – Daily Weekly and Monthly

To stay connected with people through calls and SMS has become a basic need of the current era. 4 companies are working in Pakistan telecommunication industry, provide different packages to people. One can choose according to one’s requirements. Ufone comes with exciting offers for its users at low rates to compete with competitors. Ufone offers call packages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Ufone allows its user to use minutes to make calls on PTCL and Vfone for free.

ufone call packages monthly
Ufone Call Packages in 2023

Ufone Call Packages Daily

There are many Ufone daily call packages available for customers to choose according to their requirements. Ufone daily packages expire after one day and reactivated at midnight if balance is available. Hybrid Ufone daily packages are also available if you want internet and SMS in addition of minutes. Ufone call packages with subscription codes are given below:

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Ufone Daily Pakistan OfferRs. 21*888#100 on-net minutes + 10 MB
Ufone Best Day OfferRs. 17*6060#500 on-net minutes + 500 MB
Ufone Beyhisaab OfferRs. 17*5700#Unlimited on-net minutes
Ufone Power CardRs. 30*1231*card#200 on-net minutes + 250 MB + 10 off-net minutes
Ufone Power HourRs. 9*99#60 on-net minutes + 60 MB + 50 SMS

Ufone Call Packages Weekly

Ufone weekly call packages are designed for those who want to make calls through out a week for their business and personal purposes. Ufone offer enough minutes for calls in weekly packages. Ufone built a great reputation among people by offering weekly call packages at cheap rates. You need to reactivate the package after one week. Ufone weekly call packages are listed below with subscription codes.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Ufone Asli Chappar Phar OfferRs. 140*5050#100 on-net minutes + 100 SMS + 1 GB
Ufone Talk Time OfferRs. 53*6789#Unlimited on-net minutes
Ufone Weekly Pakistan OfferRs. 122*8888#700 on-net minutes + 100 MB
Ufone Best Weekly OfferRs. 130*7070#1000 on-net minutes + 2 GB
Ufone Super Minute PackageRs. 170*210#125 on-net minutes
Ufone Power CardRs. 250*1231*card#1000 on-net minutes + 1000 MB + 25 off-net minutes
Ufone Sab Se Bari OfferRs. 350*7777#5000 on-net minutes + 40 GB + 200 off-net minutes + 5000 SMS

Ufone Call Packages Monthly

In addition to daily and weekly packages, Ufone offers monthly call packages. The popularity of Ufone monthly call packages is increasing day by day, especially among business related people. Those who want to make many calls in a day throughout the month, need more minutes in less price. Ufone comes with cheap monthly call packages to attract people. Ufone monthly call packages are given below with subscription code and price.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Ufone Super Card GoldRs. 1199*3*2#15000 on-net minutes + 30 GB + 600 off-net minutes + 15000 SMS
Ufone Super Card MaxRs. 799*629#15000 on-net minutes + 10 GB + 350 off-net minutes + 15000 SMS
Ufone Monthly Pakistan OfferRs. 460*8888#4000 on-net minutes + 400 MB
Ufone Digital Grand OfferRs. 1400*900#10000 on-net minutes + 100 GB + 1000 off-net minutes + 10000 SMS
Ufone Super Card GrandRs. 899*899#6000 on-net minutes + 20 GB + 450 off-net minutes + 6000 SMS
Ufone Super Card PlusRs. 720*250#2000 on-net minutes + 10 GB + 225 off-net minutes + 4200 SMS
Ufone UfamilyRs. 1999*5555#800 on-net minutes + 30 GB + 10000 off-net minutes + 6000 SMS

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