Latest Telenor Call Packages – Daily Weekly and Monthly

Telenor is one of the biggest companies in Pakistan to offer packages at cheap rates. Telenor is growing day by day by providing great options to its customers. Telenor offer call, SMS, and internet packages. With more than 3.5 million users, Telenor offer different hybrid packages for its customers. Telenor offer international call packages to stay connected with your loved ones living abroad.

Telenor Call packages
Telenor Call Packages in 2023

Telenor Call Packages Daily

If you want to talk to your friends and family members, need more minutes to stay connected than Telenor offer many daily packages for you. Telenor offer daily call packages at cheap rates. All the daily call packages with subscription codes are listed below.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Telenor Good Time OfferRs. 6*345*20#Unlimited on-net minutes + 250 MB
Telenor Superload OfferRs. 1*5*100#20 off-net minutes
Telenor Full Day PackageRs. 13*5*250#Unlimited on-net minutes + 150 MB

Telenor Call Packages 3 Days

Since the last three years, Telenor always keep trying to attract people towards their network. They upgrade their services and coverage. Unlike the other companies, Telenor offer packages for 3 days. If you’re traveling somewhere for three days, you need to get in touch with your family daily than these 3 days packages are best for you.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Telenor 3 Din OfferRs. 52*5*3#250 on-net minutes + 250 off-net minutes + 250 SMS + 150 MB
Telenor 3/3 PackageRs. 50*345*243#600 on-net minutes + 300 SMS + 50 MB
Telenor Hybrid PackageRs. 60*345*210#500 on-net minutes + 20 off-net minutes + 500 SMS + 1 GB
Telenor 3 Day Plus OfferRs. 69*345*91#300 on-net minutes + 25 off-net minutes + 300 SMS + 300 MB

Telenor Call Packages Weekly

Telenor offer weekly call packages along with daily and Telenor call packages monthly. By subscribing to these weekly packages, you can get enough calling minutes to make calls in the complete week. These packages expire after one week. List of all the packages with codes is given below.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Telenor Haftawaar Chappar Phaar OfferRs. 170*5*700#Unlimited on-net minutes + 350 MB
Telenor Mini OfferRs. 75*170#200 on-net minutes + 20 off-net minutes + 200 SMS + 300 MB
Telenor Weekly Easy CardRs. 200*175#2000 on-net minutes + 100 off-net minutes + 2000 SMS + 6 GB
Telenor Sahulat OfferRs. 120*5*7#1000 on-net minutes + 70 off-net minutes + 700 SMS + 450 MB
Telenor Voice Lite OfferRs. 25*345*54#140 on-net minutes
Telenor Easycard Mega PlusRs. 260*963#5000 on-net minutes + 100 off-net minutes + 2500 SMS + 16 GB
Telenor Easycard ExtremeRs. 300*001#7500 on-net minutes + 200 off-net minutes + 3500 SMS + 40 GB

Telenor Call Packages Monthly

Telenor boost up their services sinch three years. Telenor become the second largest telecommunication company in Pakistan. Telenor offer monthly call packages to its users, once you subscribe to monthly package you don’t need to worry about calling minutes throughout the month. Many packages offer calling minutes to other networks as well. All the Telenor call packages monthly are listed below with subscription codes.

Package NamePriceCodeOffer Include
Telenor Voice BundleRs. 150*345*821#110 minutes for any network
Telenor Easy CardRs. 700*350#4000 on-net minutes + 350 off-net minutes + 2000 SMS + 20 GB
Telenor Easycard 750Rs. 650*530#3500 on-net minutes + 300 off-net minutes + 3500 SMS + 16 GB
Telenor Easycard 850Rs. 720*80#5000 on-net minutes + 400 off-net minutes + 5000 SMS + 24 GB
Telenor Easycard 1000Rs. 950*248#7000 on-net minutes + 600 off-net minutes + 10000 SMS + 36 GB
Telenor First Free Call OfferRs. 10*326#60 on-net minutes

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