Latest Ufone Internet Packages – Daily Weekly and Monthly

Ufone is third largest mobile network in Pakistan. Since 2001, Ufone has been providing affordable and great internet packages to its customers. In 2019, Ufone launched its 4G internet services across the country, after that they introduced many daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages. These different packages provide options for its user to choose package according to their needs. Ufone internet packages are also available for 1 day.

Ufone Internet Packages weekly
Ufone Internet Packages in 2023

Ufone Internet Packages Daily:

The social network apps like twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Imo are free for all main internet packages.  If you are looking for internet packages for one day, then Ufone has a lot to offer. you can activate any package on any time for a day.
Ufone internet package for 24 hours “Daily light bundle” offers 500 MBs for social app and 40 MB for all purposes in just 12 rupees. one can activate it by dialing *2256#.  Ufone offers a lot of daily internet packages, some of them are daily light, mega internet, daily off-peak plus and many more. All the daily Ufone internet packages are given below:

Package NamePriceCodeOffers Include
Ufone Daily Light OfferRs. 17*2256#40 MB + unlimited social apps
Ufone Mega Internet PackageRs. 20*550#2 GB (12 am to 12 pm)
Ufone Best Morning OfferRs. 7*4200#2 GB (9AM – 12PM)
Ufone Daily Off-peak PlusRs. 16*10#1.5 GB (6AM-6PM)
Ufone Unlimited WhatsApp OfferRs. 5*987#500 MBs
Ufone 3-Day PackageRs. 30*3350#100 MB

Ufone Internet Packages Weekly:

In demand of customers Ufone is offering day by day, week after week and month to month many 4G internet packages. The Internet becomes a part of daily life, you can get any package from Ufone internet packages weekly according to your choice. Through these Ufone super internet packages you can get an ample amount of data. In weekly internet section, Ufone weekly internet plus and Ufone weekly internet max offer are most popular among people. You can find Ufone net packages in list below:

Package NamePriceCodeOffers Include
Ufone Upower Internet OfferRs. 275*270#16 GB
Ufone Sab Se Bari OfferRs. 375*7777#25 GB + 100 off-net minutes + 5000 on-net minutes
Ufone Sab Se Bari Plus OfferRs. 399*7777#40 GB + 250 off-net minutes + 5000 on-net minutes
Ufone Super Internet PackageRs. 160*220#1.5 GB
Ufone Weekly Internet PlusRs. 260*260#12 GB
Ufone YouTube OfferRs. 120*5883#5 GB
Ufone TikTok OfferRs. 70*2345#4 GB
Ufone Snack Video OfferRs. 70*265#4 GB
Ufone Weekly Internet Max OfferRs. 120*2570#25 GB
Ufone Weekly Free Fire OfferRs. 60*8080#5 GB
Ufone Weekly PubG OfferRs. 60*8080#5 GB
Ufone Weekly Max OfferRs. 350Ufone app20 GB

Ufone Internet Package Monthly:

Ufone has become popular among people due to its great coverage of the internet in the country and low rates.  People who love to connect globally throughout the month can find packages from Ufone internet monthly packages list.

Users with more use of internet can subscribe to Ufone internet monthly heavy package that includes 2 GB for social apps and 3 GB for other use in just 780 rupees. In the monthly internet packages section, Ufone also offer super cards in three prices – Rs 570, Rs 599 and Rs 999. If you are looking for Ufone monthly internet packages, here is the list:

Package NamePriceCodeOffers Include
Ufone Monthly Light Cash Back OfferRs. 250*7807#3 GB
Ufone Monthly Heavy InternetRs. 750*310#30 GB
Ufone Monthly WhatsApp OfferRs. 90*987#6 GB
Ufone Snapchat OfferRs. 50*9694#6 GB
Ufone Free Fire OfferRs. 100*8080#10 GB
Ufone PubG OfferRs. 100*8080#10 GB
Ufone Monthly Facebook OfferRs. 120*987#6 GB
Ufone Internet PlusRs. 549*290#18 GB
Ufone Monthly Max OfferRs. 1560*5100#12 GB
Ufone Monthly Social OfferRs. 60*5858#1 GB
Ufone Super Internet PlusRs. 499*290#16 GB

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