Top 20 Freelance Skills in Demand in 2024

The greatest in-demand freelancing skills in 2024 and beyond are typically a source of concern for new freelancers. As a freelancer who has been working for over two decades and achieving online freelance jobs, I’ve even seen a lot of ups and downs in the need for new and trendy skills. When a skill is in great demand for more than a year, it becomes outdated and is replaced by another talent.

Freelance skills for 2024
Freekance skills for Earning

I noticed Quick 3D, Freehand, and Macromedia Streak dissolve into thin air like dirt. About a day ago, Streak was popular and in high demand. Everyone wanted to develop a website that had the same random, sparkling movements as 2advanced, a site that served as inspiration for others.

Although time goes by quickly a great deal changes throughout that time. These days, Adobe Free Hand is owned by Adobe Artist, eRain’s Quick 3D has ceased operations, and Streak is no more.

I have covered most of the most in-demand freelance skills that are published by the most popular websites worldwide in my blog entries. Every freelance marketplace provides its in-demand best freelancing skills based on the trend that’s then followed in their marketplace. In any event, I’ve seen that some skills remain popular forever, and in some way, this is because they feature recently developed skills; these timeless skills don’t get a big shout-out and find a place on the list.

As an experienced consultant with more than a decade of experience in the field, and as someone who studies it closely more than most, here are my top 20 widely recognized independence skills for all independent businesses in 2024. It is not guaranteed that the request will accurately reflect the number of organizations or popularity.

Based on my impression of actions on Upwork, PeoplePerHour,, and, the request is coordinated.

Here are the top 20 freelance skills that will be in high demand in 2024 and beyond:

1- Artificial Intelligence

In the rapidly changing field of man-made brainpower, or man-made intelligence, there is an increasing need for experts with advanced skills, particularly in the areas of estimation, evaluation, and expectation. These skills are going to play an important part in determining the direction that computer-based intelligence advances by 2024.

To stay aware of the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence, professionals require the ability to recognize trends and breakthroughs. This is essential as it enables them to effectively investigate and use new developments. Assessing the moral outcomes and suitability of artificial intelligence frameworks also calls for expert evaluation skills.

The ability to determine outcomes and simplify processes will be essential for enhancing applications of artificial intelligence. In this era of rapid mechanical growth, experts with a strong focus on measuring, evaluating, and expecting in artificial intelligence have the ability to promote development and substantially add to the outstanding influence of artificial intelligence on various companies.

2. Website development

Site improvement has always been and will continue to be a popular and independent skill; keep it or eliminate it. Programming languages, particularly Python, have become extremely popular as interest in artificial intelligence (computerized intelligence) has grown.

Due to an increase in web access, individual businesses are putting in a great deal of effort to construct their websites.

As this research should be clear, interest in Web-based company sites has increased significantly during the coronavirus.

Site engineers are highly desired in any independent business center, regardless of the stage at which they choose to set up the sites.

3. Software Development

Customers with generally smaller budgets typically look for arrangements with the fewest possible expenses. As a software developer, you can make a lot of money.

Various regular jobs for work area applications and programming enhancement are listed.

Master the terms of product improvement and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Acquire passively by providing distant responses to people.

4. Mobile App Development

Approximately 80% of all internet users access the internet through mobile devices, which generate the majority of traffic and audience. The need for mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms has grown as a result.

Develop your mobile app development skills and start marketing your freelance skills on job websites, social media, and major freelance marketplaces.

5. Graphic Designing

One of the top five skills in every independent commercial centre is graphic design. The requirements of the website, virtual entertainment, and print media are met by creators remotely.

Another development in visual representation is Canva. With the least amount of experience in visual communication, this tool assists you in creating logos, shot promotions, and self-planned social media posts. Additionally, you have the option to advertise your services on independent advertising centres.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These days, internet search engines are very intelligent thanks to their most recent computations and content-understanding capabilities. A website with no visitors or a business with no sales is like a store with no customers.

One important component of both natural development and computerised promotion is internet optimization. Every company or blog is focusing on improving the readability of its content.

Selling your on-page, off-page, and specialized web optimization skills will help you make good money. There are well-known Web optimization learning courses for beginners on Fiverr Learn, Udemy, and Coursera.

7. Digital Marketing

One of the top freelancing skills in the future is digital marketing.

One of the most important and interesting independent courses in each independent business center is digital marketing. It covers every step, process, and method of digitized advertising.

Web optimization, virtual entertainment, and content advertising are the well-known categories of advanced showcasing.

Choose any digital advertising course from Coursera, Udemy, and Fiverr Learn to start your outsourcing business.

8. Social Media Marketing

Another best freelancing skill for beginners is Social media Marketing.

Social media has taken over the internet and expanded far too quickly. Users on popular social media networks tend to be the most engaged and active.

You may provide brands, companies, and entrepreneurs with social media marketing and management services.

User data on social media networks is more precise. For your services and goods, you can pick certain individuals.

On Facebook and Instagram, sponsored as well as organic advertising are widely used. When it comes to ROI, social media marketing channels outperform other digital marketing platforms.

9. Content Writing

You could market your content writing services if you are well-versed in English sentence structure or other well-known regional languages. A massive flood of buyers is looking for content writers for their websites and online journals.

Content writing also addresses the fundamentals of On-Page SEO using targeted watchwords for improved search engine positioning.

In the unlikely event that your blog has a lot of followers and authority, you can use Adsy to resell visitor post management services.

Among those who are paid the most are experienced journalists covering content and search engine optimization. Those with exceptional authoring skills can provide comparable assistance and earn substantial profits.

Publicists usually earn several times more than average substance scholars. Go to Coursera, Udemy, or Fiverr Learn and select any well-known course in content creation.

10. Blockchain Programming & Development

One of the top 10 freelancing skills is Blockchain Programming & Development.

Programming and improving blockchain systems may be some of the most well-paid online jobs. The value of Blockchain has increased with the development of Web 3.0 and crypto forms of payment.

Additionally, interest in Blockchain technologies is growing and receiving more responses. It provides the most up-to-date information for management and security throughout the age of cyber threats.

On independent websites, skilled Blockchain engineers are paid about $150 per hour, which is enough to recognize the presence and potential of Blockchain development.

Courses are available on well-known online platforms such as Udemy and Coursera.

11. Video editing

One of the top freelancing skills is Video editing and beginners can learn these skills free from the internet.

The basis of consumer interest and the online presence of businesses and brands is content.

A video manager enhances audio quality, removes unnecessary content, and gives recordings a professional appearance.

Video editors have a ton of opportunities in the independent sector. Everyone is looking for an experienced supervisor to help them develop their content on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and TikTok, from video introductions to video promotions.

12. WordPress/CSS/HTML/PHP

WordPress is perhaps one of the world’s most complex CMSs. For specialized work and problem fixes, typically involve front-end enhancement languages like CSS, HTML, and PHP.

With these skills, you may provide WordPress development and bug-fixing services on independent websites.

WordPress provides E-commerce solutions for small and medium-sized businesses with its strong Woocommerce features.

13. Angular JS/JAVA Development

AngularJS is used to create flexible and functional online apps. Making dynamic web apps is aided by it. Later on, there should be a greater need for this level of skill.

Java is a twenty-year-old open-source project that is used in various electrical systems.

I’ve noticed a lot of jobs on Fiverr and Upwork for these specific freelancing skills.

14. Virtual Assitant/Data Entry

The best freelancing skills for students are Virtual assistant or data entry.

An entry-level position performing various research and data-entering tasks is that of a virtual assistant or data entry.

This task is excellent to sell on all freelance marketplaces if you wish to start your freelancing career with basic knowledge and don’t have a professional degree or certificate.

15. Accounting And Finance

You can provide Excel accounting assistance to new SMEs and startup owners if you are a recent graduate in accounting and possess the necessary knowledge.

In exchange for your review consumptions, you may earn some money and gain valuable experience. It’s true that skilled accounting professionals may use Upwork and Fiverr Expert to sell their services.

It primarily includes basic tax assessment, accounting software, and encouragement for company participation.

16. Data Mining And Analysis

The market for data mining and analysis services is growing very quickly. Creating a collection of data frameworks, information selection, organization, and examination are typical tasks for an information expert.

Programming languages like Python and SQL are commonly used in information mining and analysis. Both paid online classes and instructive activities on YouTube might be beneficial.

17. CyberSecurity

Online businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about cyber security. Gambles involving information theft and hackers are growing in connection with the rapid advancement of the complex profession.

Offensive people are usually looking for weaknesses and openings to get inside the structure.

Cybersecurity analysts and specialists provide the highest level of insurance and collaborate closely with ethical programmers.

If you don’t know anything about cyber security, you may learn about it by watching videos on YouTube or enrolling in expert online courses like Udemy or Coursera.

18. Animation

Animators create or design visuals for movies, TV series, ads, and mobile games. On Fiverr and Upwork, you may provide animation services such as infographics and symbol creation.

The field of illustration and animation is expanding quickly, making it one of the most in-demand freelancing skills in the future.

19. Shopify

You may provide clients on independent promotional centres with Shopify optimization and professional services. Shopify is a well-known online marketplace, especially in the United States and other countries.

Without any prior planning or offering a seller to manage transactions and showcase efforts through web-based entertainment, you may create an online shop.

20. User Testing

Making success in the digital age requires having a strong user experience. That is, before releasing a product or making any updates, organizations test it with customers.

It’s not necessary to be exceptionally skilled at this talent; a basic understanding of programming is enough.

With client testing services, you may get a significant amount with almost little expertise.


With the rise in demand, all freelance markets are growing their skill sets for freelancing. Selecting the appropriate talent and developing into an expert are essential.

Most beginners spend their time learning several talents, so focus on only one at first and become an expert in it.

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