Latest Ufone PUBG Packages – Daily Weekly and Monthly

Details of all Ufone PUBGM offers

Ufone always tries to introduce interesting packages for its customers. Ufone internet packages are designed with daily, weekly, and monthly categories for different kinds of users. If you are a PUBG lover and customer of Ufone then there is great news for you as Ufone designed some packages specifically for PUBG users. Ufone introduced daily weekly and monthly PUBG offers.

Ufone PUBG Packages

Ufone PUBG offers:

Ufone always tries to introduce packages according to its user’s requirements. This time Ufone designed internet packages for PUBG lovers with the validity of hours, daily, weekly, and monthly.

We have categorized all PUBG offers according to the validity period. Ufone PUBG offers are categorized hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Are you excited about these packages? Let’s have a look.

Ufone PUBG offers Hourly:

If you are looking to play PUBG in specific hours and need a package for it. Ufone comes with a great 6-hour package. By dialing *505# you can subscribe to 6 hour Ufone PUBG offer for just Rs. 17 including 2 GB data for the game.

Package NameUfone 6 hours PUBG offer
Data2 GB
priceRs. 17
Validity12 AM to 12 PM

Ufone PUBG offers Daily:

Ufone introduced packages for PUBG lovers with a validity of 24 hours. If you are a game lover and want to complete your levels, then these packages are best for you to subscribe.

By Dialing *8080# you can subscribe to the daily PUBG package for just 12 rupees, including 750 MBs of data for PUBG streaming.

Package NameUfone Daily PUBG Offer
Validity1 Day

Ufone PUBG offer Weekly:

Ufone weekly PUBG offer:

By dialing *8080# you can get 5 GB of data to play PUBG game in just 60 rupees. Weekly PUBG offer is valid for 7 days, play non-stop game.

Package NameUfone weekly PUBG offer
Data5 GB
PriceRs. 60
Validity7 Days

PUBG 10 GB offer:

By dialing *260# one can subscribe to the Ufone PUBG package of 10 GB for just 199 rupees. by subscribing to this package PUBG lovers can stream day and night throughout the week.

Package NameUfone 10 GB PUBG offer
Data10 GB
PriceRs. 199
Validity7 Days

 25 GB PUBG package:

If you are a PUBG player and want to get online throughout the night, then the Ufone PUBG package of 25 GB is a great option. Ufone provides 25 GB of data from 1 am to 9 am for just 80 rupees for 7 days. To avail of this package just dial *2570#

Package NameUfone PUBG package 25 GB
Data25 GB
PriceRs. 80
Validity7 Days

Ufone PUBG offers Monthly:

Ufone always tries to make bundles according to the requirements of different users. Some people want to subscribe just once a month and enjoy gaming non-stop without subscribing again and again.

Ufone Monthly PUBG offer:

 The Ufone monthly PUBG package of 10 GB is a great option for those people. By daily *8080# one can subscribe to this bundle in just 100 rupees. Enjoy the PUBGM game non-stop throughout the month.

Package NameUfone Monthly PUBG offer
Data10 GB
PriceRs. 100
Validity30 Days

PUBG 18 GB offer:

The monthly plus offer includes 18 GB of data for just 529 rupees. by dialing *290# one can subscribe to this bundle and enjoy PUBGM game day and night for 30 days.

Package NameUfone monthly 18 GB offer
Data18 GB
PriceRs. 529
Validity30 Days

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