Best Solar Panels and Prices in Pakistan

Complete details about best solar panels and their prices in pakistan

How do solar panels work?

Devices that turn light into electricity are called solar panels. Since the Sun, also known as Sol to astronomers, is typically the most potent light source available, these panels are referred to as “solar” panels. They are known by some scientists as photovoltaics, which means “light-electricity.”

how do solar panel works. complete process of solar panel.
How do solar panel works

A collection of solar cells is called a solar panel. Together, a large number of tiny solar cells distributed over a large area can produce enough power to be of use. Spacecraft are typically designed with solar panels that can always be pointed at the Sun even as the rest of the spacecraft moves around, much like a tank turret can be aimed independently of where the tank is going. This is because the more light that impacts a cell, the more electricity it produces.

Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan

In Pakistan, solar energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source that is growing in popularity. Ten years ago, the cost of solar panels was costly, making the installation of a solar system unthinkable. However, the costs have dropped dramatically over the previous five to six years. This has made solar energy use in Pakistan possible for many. About 20% of Pakistani homes have solar panels installed, though not all of them are complete solar systems—just one or two panels, on their roofs, according to Gallup Pakistan.

A larger portion of the cost of solar systems is due to solar panels. Continue reading if you’re planning a solar system installation and would like to know how much Pakistani solar panels cost. The following will be examined in this article:

  1. Solar panel price in Pakistan (per watt).
  2. What to consider while choosing solar panels?
  3. Jinko solar panels price in Pakistan.
  4. Longi solar panel price in Pakistan.
  5. Trina solar panels price in Pakistan.
  6. JA solar panel price in Pakistan.
  7. Canadian solar panels price in Pakistan.
  8. Max Power solar panel price in Pakistan.
  9. Which solar panel is right for your home?

Solar Panels Prices in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the average cost of a solar panel is between Rs. 70 and Rs. 90 per watt. This data was collected in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, in October of 2023. Currently, solar panel prices have decreased significantly from the beginning of 2023, when they were approximately Rs. 130/watt.

solar panel prices in pakistan categorized according to watts.
solar panel prices in pakistan

At the current exchange rate, you could purchase a 550-watt solar panel for between PKR 36,000 and PKR 45,000. However, a lot of variables can affect the cost, including the kind of solar panels you select, the brand, the quality, and the current exchange rate.

What to consider while choosing solar panels?

While selecting solar panels, a number of important factors must be considered in order to ensure the best return on investment. Efficiency matters because more electricity can be extracted from the sun by solar panels with higher efficiency. The type of solar cells, such as monocrystalline or polycrystalline, affects both performance and cost. Brand reputation plays a major role in reliability and warranty fulfillment; manufacturers with a successful track record are selected. Long-term investment protection comes from reliability and warranty durations, ideally for at least 25 years. An important factor in sun-drenched climates is how well panels function at high temperatures, which is indicated by the temperature value. The installation area and your budget should be in line with the size, cost, and available space. Making educated decisions is made simpler by aspects such as inverter reliability, appearance, local climate, and conformity to industry certifications and standards. Choosing solar panels that best fit your energy requirements and environmental circumstances is more likely when you are provided with solar professionals and get several estimates.

Prices of Solar Panels in Pakistan by Brand

Jinko solar panels price in Pakistan

A Chinese company that makes solar panels is Jinko Solar, which is well-known in Pakistan and a top brand in the world market. In Pakistan, 550W Mono PERC Jinko solar panels cost around Rs. 40,000. Its possible B-grade is 36,000. The cost for a half-cut would be almost $42,000.

Longi solar panel price in Pakistan

One of the top brands of solar panels worldwide, particularly in Pakistan, is Longi Solar, a Chinese company. Longi solar panels are known for their excellent performance and quality. In Pakistan, Longi Solar panels cost between Rs. 42,000 and Rs. 44,000. A-Grade Longi 550 W Mono PERC solar panels cost this much. The range for the B-grade could be 36,000–37,000. The price could be several thousand more for a half-cut.

In terms of solar panels, the Longi HIMO 6 Mono is their most recent model. They could cost you about Rs. 52,000.

Trina solar panels price in Pakistan

One of the top solar panel brands in Pakistan is Trina Solar, a Chinese company. In Pakistan, Trina solar panels cost almost Rs. 100 per watt. It will therefore cost you almost $55,000 to purchase a 550W Trina solar panel.

JA solar panel price in Pakistan

Another well-known Chinese solar panel supplier is JA Solar, which offers excellent products at affordable prices. In Pakistan, JA Solar 550W Mono PERC panels cost approximately Rs. 40,000. The cost may range from 38,000 to 45,000, depending on the grade and whether it is PERC or simple.

Canadian solar panels price in Pakistan

Canadian solar panels are recognized for their excellent performance and quality. 545W Mono Half-Cut Canadian Solar Panels cost approximately Rs. 55,000 in Pakistan. Since it costs about Rs. 100 per watt, 660W should cost about Rs. 66,000.   

Max Power solar panel price in Pakistan

One of the top brands of solar panels in the Pakistani market is Max Power Solar, a Pakistani solar panel company. the benefit of being a local brand, it is not less expensive than many people believe. In Pakistan, Max Power Solar panels cost approximately Rs. 100 per watt. Thus, the price of their 340W Poly PERC solar panels would be Rs. 34,000.

The cost of solar panels has increased in Pakistan in recent years, making solar energy a more affordable choice for both homes and businesses. The type, brand, and quality of the solar panel are just a few of the factors that will impact its cost.

Solar panels prices in Pakistan    

Costs for solar panels vary widely, especially when considering watt output. For instance, the cost of 550-watt solar panels ranges from 40,000 to 70,000 PKR; the price tends to rise as the wattage increases and vice versa.

SrWattagePrice in Pakistan ( PKR)
1150 W7000
2180 W11,000
3260 W20,000
4295 W28,000
5540 W45,000
6550 W50,000
7600 W56,000
8700 W55,000-90,000
Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan per watt

Best Solar Panels in Pakistan: Which Type of Solar Panel is Right for You?

Your needs and budget will decide which kind of solar panel is best for you. Monocrystalline, PERC, half-cut solar panels are the best option if you’re looking for the most efficient solar panel and don’t mind spending a little more. Any tier 1 brand, some of which we have already covered, could be the brand.

Polycrystalline solar panels, on the other hand, are an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind slightly lower efficiency ratings. The B-grade Mono PERC option of tier 1 brands might also be a better option, in my opinion. You could save several thousand on each panel in this way.

Best solar panels in pakistan. list of all the companies providing panels in pakistan
Best Solar Panels in pakistan

It’s important to consider the amount of space on your roof. You will need smaller monocrystalline solar panels to generate the same amount of electricity as polycrystalline solar panels due to their higher efficiency. Monocrystalline solar panels are therefore appropriate for homes with small top spaces.

If you’re unsure which type of solar panel is best for you, talk to a solar installer. They can assess your needs and recommend the best type of solar panels for your home.

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