Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 | Apply online and Eligibility criteria

Discover the Punjab Rozgar Scheme, a government initiative aimed at providing interest-free loans to empower the youth for new businesses.

Punjab Rozgar scheme for 2023 has been introduced by the government of Punjab. First time government is offering interest free loan. Residents of Punjab can apply for Punjab Rozgar scheme 2023. PM take this initiative to strengthen youth by giving interest free loans for start-ups.

This scheme is only offers to nationals. This initiative by PM is taken to promote small businesses start ups in Pakistan. A 30-billion-rupee budget is set for this Rozgar scheme to provide loan to unemployed youth. Punjab small industry cooperation also join hands with government to promote Punjab youth Rozgar scheme.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme online apply

Punjab citizens can apply online for Rozgar scheme 2023. Covid-19 not only affected the economy of Pakistan but also affected the jobs of many people in Pakistan. Now government take a initiative for youths to start their business by getting interest free loan by Punjab Rozgar scheme online apply. Government vehicle scheme is also offering commercial vehicles for existing businesses.

How to Apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023

More than 30 billion rupees will be offered by the government for loans to youth. Over 1.6 million people will get employed by this Rozgar scheme. Punjab Rozgar scheme will make youth financially independent and with the start of new businesses, more employment positions will be opened.

Punjab loan scheme has been designed to generate business and employment opportunities for the youth. People with business ideas, graduates from universities and technical trained people will be considered for Punjab Rozgar scheme.

Punjab Rozgar scheme 2023

 Guide to Apply Online for Punjab Rozgar Scheme

Open the official website or click on the button given below. Enter your CNIC, name and registered mobile number. After confirming your information, send OTP for verification. Enter OTP received on your number to verify and after that sign in by using CNIC and password. Once you logged in, fill the application form, and apply online for Rozgar scheme.

Eligibility Criteria to Process the Application

  1. Age Limit: 20 to 50 years
  2. Gender: Male / Female / Transgender
  3. Resident of Punjab
  4. Must have business in Punjab.
  5. Business: Sole Proprietor or Partnership
  6. Plan for startups / new businesses
  7. Existing businesses must have plan for improvement.
  8. Having Valid CNIC

Documents Required to Apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme

  1. Passport size picture
  2. Scanned copy of CNIC
  3. Scanned copy of degree / Certificate
  4. Experience certificate
  5. License / Registration of business
  6. Scanned Copy of Security Documents

Information Required to Apply Online for Scheme

  1. National Tax number
  2. Electricity Bill of residential address
  3. Electricity Bill of business address
  4. Incorporation certificate of company
  5. MOA
  6. AOA
  7. Registration number of any vehicle registered on your name.
  8. In case of new business an estimate of Monthly business income, business expenses, household expenses, and other income
  9. In the case of existing business actual Monthly business income, business expenses, household expenses, and other income
  10. Name, CNIC, and Mobile numbers of Two References other than a Blood relative

Points to be Noted:

  • This application shall take at least 15 minutes to complete subject to the availability of the above-listed information/documents.
  • You may complete the form in one go or in the trenches by saving uploaded sections and submit at any time.
  • After submission of the application, no change/amendment shall be allowed.
  • Please upload Financial Statements, Business Feasibility, at Least 6 months’ Bank statements, etc. This shall help to process your application earlier.
  • Once the form is submitted, your Application Registration Number (ARN) shall appear on the screen and you will also receive an SMS stating the same, please keep it saved


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